• June 27, 2015
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So, as some of you might have guessed by my recent addition of a choppers page (check it out ‘Choppers United’:  http://www.ponguniverse.com/choppersunited ), I have now since converted back to chopping from double inverted attacking.  After a long time invested in my Long Pips, I have found the transition to double inverted simply not as much fun.  I like chopping, and it is by far my best stroke.  I like backing away from the table, and chopping on both wings, fishing, guide-looping on the FH, and lobbing.  I love counter-attacking any weak returns and seeing the surprised look on my opponents face!  I love twiddling my racket and confusing the opponent with attacks on my backhand.  The style is much more aesthetically pleasing to me, and that’s what most draws me to the style.   I find Modern D to be extremely artistic.

Since one is away from the table, I find that when attacking from a distance, my loops are far more dangerous.  I get to play bigger strokes because I have more time to recover in case the ball returns.   As an attacker, I felt like the rallies died out to quickly.  4 touches tops win or lose.  As a chopper, I find that my rallies are longer…which is also more fun to me. 

Lastly, due to the athletic nature of this style, ie lots of running/longer rallies, I find that I get a far superior workout.  Now, when I leave the club, I am always satisfied with the amount of calories burned.  As an at-the-table looper, I found that not to be the case, and I often left the club dissatisfied in that respect.  Literally, even though I played more often, I had gained some weight because of the lack of output.  So, my wife is happier that I’m back to chopping because I’m far sexier. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have much respect for all of the other styles, but I am just speaking as to why Modern Defense is the right fit for me.  I love this style!

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John C. Waters
This fascinates me Smile
Barbara Williams
Lol! I totally agree...chopping is art!!
Dale feliciano
Sizzling chopper
Mary Stillen
I love watching chopper play, most of them anyway.