The US Open table tennis championship has always been one of the most anticipated events for table tennis enthusiasts in the United States. The USA Table Tennis (USATT) is the governing body for the sport and is tasked with cataloging and sanctioning tournaments in addition to overseeing the USA National Teams. This annual event is the oldest currently running table tennis tournament in the U.S., and was first held in 1934. Table tennis tournaments back in the 1930's and 40's were great social events where spectators packed venues in cities such as New York, Detroit and South Bend to see the big names play. For the players, it was a well anticipated chance to compete in front of a fans for a chance to be crowned US Open Champion and join the ranks of some of the greats in table tennis.

The 2015 US Open was not only the most attended US Open in its history with over 1100 participants from over 31 different countries, but quite possibly the most spoken about table tennis event in recent years. The USATT and its president Gordon Kaye's decision to move the Open men's and women's finals to a location off site was a risky one which paid off big time. The finals had everything of a 5 star attraction. The venue:  the prestigious Omnia Night Club at the famous Caesar's Palace resort and Casino. The finalists: professionals from Romania, Japan and China. The atmosphere: elegant, exciting and energetic with the lighting and music of a big budget concert and food and drinks from a fine dining restaurant. To top it off, a second floor view of the main table, a never before seen experience for many.  Needless to say this event had everything. The evening's main event was filled with exciting points, breath taking rallies,  a major upset and finished with an emotional proposal by the Open men's finals winner:   Wang Jinxin proposed  to girlfriend Wen Ting Zha on court during the trophy presentation in front of a very enthusiastic crowd...and  she accepted!!

Congrats to Gordon Kaye and the USATT for putting on a fantastic, well organized show. Comments from spectators included some very pleasing remarks: "The best finals I have ever seen", "Great venue, super matches", "Spectacular points" ...are just a few I personally heard.  Kudos to all who were involved in the planning and execution of this memorable finals, I look forward to seeing what's next for the USATT.  A big congrats the the men's Open winner, Wang Jinxin (ICC) who defeated Romania's Crisan Adrian (World ranked #53) and women's' winner, Japan's Maeda Miyu (World ranked #74) who defeated Liu Ying (China/ ICC).

Andrew Williams
I had a great time, so I decided to write about it.