• July 31, 2015
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Defenders have a problem.  Well, many of us do.  We tend to be Equipment Junkies (EJs).  I think because the differences in our equipment can be so vast (LPs, SPs, MPs, Inverted, Anti, Defensive paddles, Offensive paddles, etc) we tend to strive for the new next thing to give us that percieved ounce of advantage.  I tinker with new setups all the time.  Mostly because I tend to attempt new defensives styles when I see a pro doing it.  I quickly find out what his/her setup is, purchase it (or close to it) and attempt it.  But the truth is, equipment is like a leaky dam.  When you put your finger in a leaky whole, eventually you will discover that the new equipment springs a hole in the dam in another area.  There are always tradeoffs (grippier, faster, slipperier, etc).  The truth is that almost every setup can be a winning setup given that you spend enough time with it.  Just find a setup that works with your chosen style of play and stick with it.  Note: This is no declaration of anti-EJism, I know I will continue to keep experimenting.  What I will not do is switch completely without really working out all the kinks and making an honest assessment of the change.

Inevitably I always end up back where I started with my original setup (Defplay/P-1R/Omega Asia) of which I have invested the most time.  And boy does it show in my play.  

Barbara Williams
I think that's a table tennis player syndrome!!