I have encountered a lot of players who were mostly concerned of the points they are gaining/losing than playing Table Tennis the right way. For me, in my opinion, it is a concern because of the psychological effect of the outcome (based on points) towards players. During tournaments, there is always this player who drops out of the competition so that he/she will not lose points- which I think is unsportsmanlike. And I believe that it ruins the game.

I hope players will realize that this is not the only way for you to get recognized. Just because your rating is lower than me, that doesn't mean I am better than you. You are not supposed to be "labeled" based on your ratings. Some players are better because they practiced more, they have more experience and exposure of tournaments and also they have been coached. If you like competing, have fun competing. Don't always bring your laptop out and calculate your points based on how many you won/lost during the day. Accept the pressure, challenge yourself to do great. Meet new people, be friends with them. Have fun. That's how you are supposed to play in competitions.

Ratings shouldn't take away how great you are as a player and as a person.