We all love Table Tennis! But why? Here's my Top 10 Reasons to Play Table Tennis.

1. Health and Fitness

Usually the topic of "Health and Fitness" is avoided at all costs in fear of having to do too many laps around the gym. But in THIS case, being healthy and physically active is fun! (Who ever thought those words would be in the same sentence; Physical and Fun). But really.. Not only is table tennis a fun sport, but playing requires moving and getting the addrenaline pumping. All those side steps you do to reach the ball actually take a lot of strength and muscle to do.. add that on top of the fact that it's just soooo much fun to play that you play for a few hours.. and there's your work out! Overall this will help keep you in shape, keep your blood moving, and keep an overall more healthy body. It's the next best thing to dancing for exercising! (So all you have to do is play music while you play, Ha! Take that Gym people!)

2.A Sport For Life


What other sport can you play all of your life and not have to worry about age?? Go away chess players and Esports gamers.. I mean the fact that table tennis is a sport in which can be played your entire life! No mater what your age; if you can pick up a paddle and hit the ball in the right direction, you're ready to go! So an even better question for this is: in what other sport can you play your grandma and still get beat up on. Table tennis! Oh how we love you.. and not to mention the community!..

3. Great Community!

I have personally, John Waters, me, myself, and I.. have played at many tournaments, ranging from big to small, and no matter where I go I always have a blast! I meet new people and no matter what you all have one interest. Table tennis! The people are great, always offering tips and advice, and never put you down. You're there to learn and have fun. Online? No problem! This website for example is a GREAT example of a community coming together to try and make something better. Everyone here loves table tennis and wants to share their passion with everyone. It's a beautiful thing. The community is amazing for table tennis.

4. All-Year Sport

Woh! All year?? ALL year?? That's right! This isn't a bad infomertial for an outdoor swimming pool. Table tennis is a sport that can be played year-round because of that fact that it's mainly an indoor sport! Indoors = air conditioning, no wind, perfect lighting, and vending machines! Is it too rainy to do anything outside? No problem! Is it snowing? Get some hot chocolate to forget about because you're gonna be playing table tennis! Want to trump that? It can still be played outside on the nice days! Get a cement table or a flat playing surface and.. BAM! Fun!

5. Mind "Sharpener

Now table tennis may be physical.. but it's also a game of the brain. I'll go over that in detail later. But the point I want to cover here is the fact that table tennis is even being used to help patients with Alzheimer's. Alzheimers is a terrible disease that affects the brain (My Grand-Ma, may she rest in peace, actually suffered from this disease) which affects the ability to remember things short term and even longer term. With table tennis, the SAEF's Alzheimer's Table Tennis Therapy Program is hoping to help these patients with another option. Playing table tennis! It's scientifically proven to help the brain as well as the body! (Check out more about this program HERE :) 


I hope you enjoy this style of writing! If any of this is hard to read, please tell me. I will change it so people can understand. Just wait a bit for Part 2 with the next 5 awesome reasons you should play table tennis!

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