And here comes Part 2 of 10 Reasons to Play Table Tennis!

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6. A Sport for Everyone

When I say “A Sport for Everyone” I don’t just mean age, but I mean by physical ability as well. You think getting around and hitting the ball is tough? Try it with no legs or no arms! You’d think such disabilities would stop people from playing, but think again. I think it’s the coolest thing ever that people with such “limitations” break the barrier and do what is thought impossible. That is amazing.

7. Hand-Eye Coordination

"Whether it is table tennis, tennis, squash or racquetball, all will improve your eye-hand coordination, since you have to react to your opponent's movement, as well as track the ball and react to its bounce." - VFC.  Table tennis is one of those sports that absolutely requires keeping track of many things at once. Not only are you hitting the ball a very precise way.. but also at the right time, while keeping track of the other players movements, what spin he put on the ball, where his AND your feet are.. etc. At no point are you allowed to think about just one thing. Table tennis improves the ability to think quickly and react properly to certain situations.. and speaking of which..

8. High Speed Chess

While you're also worrying about your technique and physical ability, table tennis is also a game of high speed chess!! You don't walk up to the table unsure about what you're about to serve; you always have a plan! Maybe your opponent doesn't like slow spinny serves to his backhand, so you capitalize on that! Perhaps your other opponent looks unprepared or his ready stance is too far up on the table, so you surprise him with a long fast serve! Now if none of that made sense to you, basically table tennis requires a lot more thought as to what you plan on doing. Table tennis requires strategy and quick thinking, just like a game of chess where one must move their pieces properly. 

9. A "Safe" Sport 

I can say this mainly because of that fact that even though you are moving a lot (and don’t let me fool you, table tennis is a VERY active sport) but it’s more safe than others. Example? American Football. Where running into each other as fast as you can is needed in that game, it simply is not in table tennis. The most common injuries from table tennis have to do with the lower back and shoulder(s). So overall i’m comparing it to other sports. Of course there will still be injuries, but compared to others, table tennis is much more safe. Just don’t forget to stretch properly ;)

10. It's Fun! 

Oh my goodness, it’s fun! We’re talking about a sport that ANYONE can play, at ANY age, no matter what physical abilities you have! Table tennis helps with cognitive function, the ability to think quickly, your physical shape, it gets the blood moving, improves hand eye coordination, and IT’S FUN!!! You really get into a game and there’s nothing else in the world to worry about, for you are in the moment and it’s you VS your opponent. Against friends, you goof around a bit and get your practice in, and it’s simply just exhilarating! You can’t go wrong with table tennis. Need proof? Check out one of the funniest table tennis matches, EVER! (CLICK HERE)



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