The dimensions for a Ping pong table for professional sport are standardized by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). Ping pong tables used for recreational purpose are often smaller in size and can easily fit into lesser space. Read on if you wish to know more details on the size of ping pong tables.

Table tennis, also known as ping pong is one of the most admired pastime/sport in the world. What’s great about ping pong is that it takes very modest room for playing and can be played outdoors as well as indoors. If you live in a small city apartment, a ping pong table will easily fit in to the space or even better, if you have some large outdoor space, you could use it to play outdoor ping pong matches. Ping pong table proportions vary for amateur and professional games.


The ITTF recommends, for professional games, a ping pong table that is a size 9 feet or 2.74m in length, 5 feet or 1.54m in width and 2.5 feet or 30 inches in height. The table is alienated in two equal parts which are separated using a net. The ping pong table playing surface is made out of timber or hardwood and comes coated with a friction-reducing paint. Using white paint, the surface is marked to show the division of the table as the left and right side.

Tables used for competitions should have a 25mm thick tabletop. The low end ping pong tables generally used by children have a 12mm thick tabletop. For players that are unfussy, a 18-22mm thick tabletop should be perfect. For semi-professional and professional players, the tabletop should ideally be 25mm thick at least.

Space around the Table

For a casual player or a beginner, the main concern is the size of the Ping pong table. People usually do not have very large-sized rooms where they could permanently place the ping pong table. In a single player game where there’s a casual setting, it is ideal to have a gap of five-six feet between the table and the walls at each end and close to about three-four on every side. The gap obviously increases if it’s a doubles play to give larger freedom for movement.

Easy Storage

Today, a majority of companies and brands are selling the ‘rollaway’ designs in ping pong tables. This feature makes it extremely easy to maneuver and store the table on a side once you’re done playing. The standard size for a ping pong table is quite large so this rollaway feature makes storing and setting up of the table a much easier task. Now players can use the ping pong table in their free time without worrying about cluttering their space and get that much needed fun and work-out! 

While for houses that already have a pool table in place, but still wish to play table tennis at the same time, they may consider of getting a table tennis conversion top which can be placed on the existing pool table and play the game in no time. This will save them space and can switch between playing pool and ping pong whenever they want.

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