John C. Waters
August 13, 2015

We all love Table Tennis! But why? Here's my Top 10 Reasons to Play Table Tennis.

1. Health and Fitness

Usually the topic of "Health and Fitness" is avoided at all costs in fear of having to do too many...

John C. Waters
June 26, 2015

So in Table Tennis, the ability to go into a rally and win is important, but if that's the only thing you work on; you're in trouble. Why? In order to get into that rally you either need to 1. Set you...

Michael McFarland
January 22, 2015


The secret to long pips

I grew up playing against two long pip players that attack with their pips every chance they have. One is my father (1950) and Dickie Fleisher (2425) at their peaks. As an attac