Download Arthur Christmas
Download Arthur Christmas
Arthur Christmas is an upcoming animated movie by Aardman Animation studio (the guys behind Wallace and Gromit). The film is directed by Barry Cook and Sarah Smith and the voice cast includes James McAvoy , Hugh Laurie, Jim Broadbent, Ashley Jensen, Bill Nighy, and Imelda Staunton. The movie Arthur Christmas will be released on November 23, 2011.
Plot:”This Christmas movie highlights the technological advances of operations at the North Pole , revealing how Santa and his vast army of highly trained elves produce gifts and distribute them around the world in one night. However, every operation has a margin of error鈥?When one of 600 million children to receive a gift from Santa on Christmas Eve is missed, it is deemed ‘acceptable’ to all but one, Arthur. Arthur Claus is Santa’s misfit son who executes an unauthorized rookie mission to get the last present half way around the globe before dawn on Christmas morning.”
Movie cast Characters:
– James McAvoy as Arthur, the good-natured but clumsy younger son of Santa. Arthur LOVES everything to do with Christmas; indeed, he is the only one in his family still captivated by the magic of the holiday.- Hugh Laurie as Arthur’s older brother Steve , heir to the reins, a cool, incredibly capable guy who has given the North Pole high-tech efficiency, military-style precision.
– Jim Broadbent as Santa, who pictures himself as the guy in charge at the North Pole, but is now more of a figurehead as the operation has outgrown him.
– Bill Nighy plays Santa’s 136-year-old father , Grandsanta, a cranky old codger who hates the modern world, is always grumbling that Christmas ‘was better when I was Santa’ and has a tense relationship with Steve, who he calls ‘A postman with a spaceship’.
– Ashley Jensen as Bryony, a lowly elf from the Giftwrap Battalion, with an eager-to-please attitude and an obsession with wrapping and bows.
Leave it to the folks who brought us Wallace & Gromit , Chicken Run and Flushed Away to bring a delightful blast of fresh air to the conventional Christmas genre.
While longtime Aardman adherents might find this Sony Pictures Animation collaboration to be slightly more mainstream than some of those earlier productions, there still sufficient evidence of an agreeably subversive spirit lurking just beneath the obligatory ribbons and bows.
The story of the heroic journey undertaken by Santa youngest son upon discovering an undelivered present may dutifully hit all the seasonal emotional posts, but the route it chooses to take is anything but predictable.
Audiences should be cheerfully transported, especially across the pond , where the film opens Friday. It opens in the U.S. one week later.
The forecast for North America, meanwhile, is for solid but likely more modest numbers, given all the British accents (not to mention comic sensibility), as well as a marketing campaign that really doesn quite capture the essence of the film.
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