I having slept soundly and dreamlessly thanks to [url=https://www.aoaue.com/tera/]tera gold farming[/url] my
gratuitous use. Though I was well rested, I slipped right back into tera gold farming
the same hectic frenzy from the night before. I dressed in a rush,
smoothing my collar against my neck, fidgeting with the tan sweater till
it hung right over my jeans. I sneaked a swift look out the window to tera gold farming see
that Charlie was already gone. A thin, cottony layer of clouds veiled the
sky. They didn't look very lasting.
I ate breakfast without tasting the food, hurrying to tera gold farming clean up when I was
done. I peeked out the window again, but nothing had changed. I had just
finished brushing my teeth and was heading back downstairs when a quiet
knock sent my heart thudding against my rib cage.
I flew to tera gold farmingthe door; I had a little trouble with the simple dead bolt, but
I yanked the door open at last, and there he was. All the agitation
dissolved as soon as I looked at his face, calm taking its place. I
breathed a sigh of relief — yesterday's fears seemed very foolish with
him here.
He wasn't smiling at first — his face was somber. But then his expression
lightened as he looked me over, and he laughed.
"Good morning," he chuckled.
"What's wrong?" I glanced down to [url=https://www.aoaue.com/]tera gold farming[/url] make sure I hadn't forgotten anything
important, like shoes, or pants.
"We match." He laughed again. I realized he had a long, light tan sweater
on, with a white collar showing underneat