Carsten Pollex

Righty Shakehand Chop attacker
Wyk auf Foehr, Germany
Carsten Pollex
Blade manufacturer
TT-Manufaktur -Hammer & Sichel-
Forehand rubber manufacturer
Spin Lord
Forehand rubber
Degu II (black)
Backhand rubber manufacturer
Backhand rubber
Materialspezialist, "Beast" (red)
Para Player
Playing Level
Table Tennis (Intermediate)
Play type
Chop attacker
About Me
I m too old, slow and "too shortened for my weight" to play real tabletennis ;-)
Carsten Pollex
Please, I do need the eMail adress of Eugen, a senior player form Germany whom I meet during my Dec. 2017 training with you.
Carsten Pollex
I m looking forward to my vacation in Sarasota this year (3 weeks end of Nov. 2017). I will try to come to your training as I did in the years before
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Carsten Pollex
Carsten Pollex
Carsten Pollex
Mary Stillen
Just created a new pole and I would love know what you think!
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams
Hey, I am calling you guys out.
Let's see how well you do on Matts new Quizz 🤓
Carsten Pollex
Carsten Pollex
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