Victor Lorand

Righty Shakehand All-rounder
Sarasota, United States
Victor Lorand
Blade manufacturer
Dr. Neubauer
Forehand rubber manufacturer
Forehand rubber
Aurus Soft 2.1mm
Backhand rubber manufacturer
Backhand rubber
Moristo DF 1.5mm
Para Player
Playing Level
Table Tennis (Intermediate)
Play type
About Me
My first club was Cincinnati, Ohio in 1970 when Barry Ross (Wishbone grip as it was called before the Seemillers, Don Lyons of Dayton was his mentor) was Cinci champion- then challenged by Cinci newcomer, Graham Gear (forehand slow looper)- former champ of Wales (1964-5), John Tannehill (then US #2 came back from the China Ping Pong Diplomacy trip and began to attend U Cincinnati- this lasted 1 yr....) Dal Joon Lee (former World #8 was US Champ and based in Columbus, Ohio. I attended 2 of his 1 week training camps and broke 1750 after 1 yr of play. Pehholder, Dal Joon taught me the forehand and backhand loop. For a while, my practice partner was Maryanne Burdick, she rose to #5 in US women's...but then quit at age 17...
I left Cinci in 1987 and was a migrant Treeplanter, then University student at U of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg MS, graduating in 1992, I didn't make it back into Pong till 1995 when I got my first Library job in Lebanon Ohio in 1994, I moved to New Albany, KY in 1995 and for a year lived 10 blocks from Bernard Hock (the maker of the handmade Hock table tennis bats) and the club named after him. he was 90 yrs old at that time and I'd visit him and watch TT tapes mostly of Waldner in various finals and semifinals... He showed me his basement workshop and he set me to working on making a few paddles...which I bought from him. That's when I got into playing hardbat. Among my buddies at the New Albany club were, John Riley, John Allen(Kentucky State champ), Jordan Michelson, Eugene Bricker (he was 80 then)...
John R. used to egg him on, "How's it feel to lose Gene? It hurts doesn't it!?"
I moved to Miami, FL in late 1995 and discovered the FAU club and the High School club across from it and not long after- the short-lived N. Miami Table Tennis club run by Delroy Thompson and Chedy Munroe. I also played at the Northern and Southern Miami Jewish Community center clubs, the Quadrangle Fitness Ctr- where Brian Pace coached and a little bit at the Hialeah Table tennis club and one hot summer at the un-air-conditioned Flagler Street Table Tennis club.
Jackie and I moved to Sarasota in 2004 and that's where I've been since.
I maintain an informal website (in case anything happens):
Coach Gary Fraiman keeps suggesting I go to more tournaments...
Victor Lorand
Victor Lorand
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Victor Lorand
2nd flip-of 2 flips
Victor Lorand
Victor Lorand
Jali Berry (age 2) at BrowardTTC, the M.Prager memorial June 25 2016
Victor Lorand
Jali Berry's first table tennis tourney. Dog/child raising tip: Only one "Cherub" allowed per household- more than one is too many...
Victor Lorand
Victor Lorand
playing cold helps one see one's errors...(bent wrist, not moving when opponent strikes the ball---resulting in late and awkward movement and rushing...ugh.
Victor Lorand
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